FLYBOSNIA humanitarian flight Sarajevo-Stockholm


FLYBOSNIA is once again participating in the action of bringing our citizens back to their homes.

Numerous B&H nationals have been “trapped” abroad or at various airports around the world due to the situation with the COVID-19, which has, among other things, closed air traffic.


On 5 April 2020 Embassy and the Government of Sweden has reserved a flight for their nationals according to the following schedule:

Sarajevo – Stockholm departure with Swedish nationals at 13:00;

Stockholm-Sarajevo with B&H nationals is planned to land at 6:55 pm local time at Sarajevo International Airport.

FLYBOSNIA expresses its deep gratitude and affection for the Embassy and the Government of Sweden for selflessly assisting and organizing the mentioned flight, and for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs B&H without which diplomatic engagement, coordination with embassies and relevant institutions thios flight would not be happening.

Our brave crew will once again prove that we should be proud of them!