FLYBOSNIA is proud to announce the continuation of operations


Since its establishment until today, FLYBOSNIA is a company whose mission is to connect with the world and stimulate economic development and ensure the safe transport of passengers and cargo with high quality and cost-effective services in the field of air transport.

Behind us is a difficult period, marked by a pandemic, suspension or reduced number of operations, and recovery from the consequences that particularly affected civil aviation. FLYBOSNIA fulfilled its purpose of flag carrier when it was most needed – we organized repatriation flights for BiH citizens who had no way back to the country, humanitarian cargo flights, we were at the service of the state and citizens. We proudly carried the flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Sweden, Italy, Russia, Kazakhstan, China, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Kuwait and many other countries. We have shown how important it is, when everything stops, to have an airline in your country.

We are especially proud of the fact that we have been a support in the education of young people – we have provided our resources for practical training of high school students, and we have provided professional development to students.

Guided by knowledge and experience in the past, we organized flights for pilgrims (Hajj 2019, Medjugorje), for sports clubs and national teams, we brought the flame of EYOF to Sarajevo, connected Sarajevo and Bosnia and Herzegovina with destinations with which they were never connected and on in this way they attracted tourists to Bosnia and Herzegovina, promoted the tourist potentials of the country.

Our team includes professionals with a long career in aviation and domestic and international experience. Some of them were associates of umbrella organizations for civil aviation (ICAO, EASA, BHDCA). We are also developing young staff who are ready to respond to numerous challenges and successfully organize flights to any destination. We pay great attention to training as a basis for safety and provide our staff with continuous and comprehensive training. We follow innovations in aviation and apply them. We provide an opportunity and appreciate commitment.

After a period of recovery and stabilization, we are happy to have the opportunity to say that we are still here, continuing where we left off, with new capacities and new lines. Dear passengers, business partners, associates, a new season is ahead of us. We are proud to announce new lines that we will offer for the S22 summer season from Sarajevo to: Riyadh, Jeddah, El-Qassim, Manama, Kuwait, Doha, Amman, Muscat, Hurghada. More information coming soon.