Check-in FAQ's

In this section look for answers to your questions about:

Online check-in

  • When does online check-in open?

    Online check-in for FlyBosnia flights opens 24 hours before the scheduled departure.

    To check in for your flight, please proceed to Online check-in.

  • May I check in for the outbound and return flight at once?

    Online check-in for outbound and return flights at once is not available. Online check-in for outbound and return flights at once is available if there are less than 24 hours until the scheduled departure of the return flight at the moment of check-in, and both flights are operated by FlyBosnia.

  • Which passenger groups are not eligible to use online check-in?

    • Passengers with an extra seat in the cabin (either for baggage, a baby basket, carrycot or other purposes);
    • Passengers using the unaccompanied minor service;
    • Passengers travelling from destinations where online check-in is not available;
    • Passengers on charter flights;
    • Passengers with an identical name and surname in one booking;
    • Children booked in a separate reservation.

    We invite these passengers to check in at the airport free of charge.

  • How will I get my boarding pass?

    Upon checking in for your flight successfully, you can open the boarding pass and save it to your computer, or send it to your inbox by providing your e-mail address in the respective field. The boarding pass does not have to be printed out it can be shown on your smartphone.

  • What to do if I have not received my boarding pass or cannot access it?

    If you have checked in online, you may always print the boarding pass at the check-in table at the airport free of charge.

  • Is there a charge for seat selection?

    If you do not select a specific seat during check-in, the system will automatically assign you a seat free of charge.

Mobile check-in

  • Can I check in for a flight on a mobile device?

    Yes. Any mobile device with an active internet connection (3G, 4G, Wi-Fi) is suitable for mobile check-in.

  • May I use the attached PDF on my mobile device?

    Yes. The PDF boarding pass is suitable for use on a mobile device.

Airport check-in

  • What are the check-in deadlines?

    Check-in deadlines differ from airport to airport, and they range from 150 minutes to 30 minutes prior to departure.

  • What is the airport check-in fee?

    Airport check-in is free of charge.

Check-in with checked baggage

  • How to check in for the flight with checked baggage?

    If your reservation includes checked baggage and you have already checked in online,  you may drop it off free of charge at the baggage drop-off desk.

    If you have not checked in online, you can check in at the airport free of charge.

    Please note that the baggage drop-off desk closes at the same time as the check-in desk.